1: Introduction

2: Contract
  2.1 Conditions

  2.2 Orders

3: Payment

4: Returns
  4.1 Retraction period

  4.2 Delivery error

  4.2.1 Due
 to arret-sur-image.eu
  4.2.2 Due to the carrier

5: Privacy policy

6: Identification


Article 1: Introduction

The present general sales terms and conditions apply in an exclusive manner to all persons visiting or making a purchase on the site www.arret-sur-image.eu.


Article 2: Contract
2.1 Conditions in order to place an order

You declare being at least 18 years of age. You declare having the legal capacity or being in possession of a parental agreement allowing you to place an order on the site.


2.2 Orders

You are informed by email of the course of your order.

    - A first email summarizing your order will be sent to you (with the order number).

    - A second email informing you that your order is being prepared will be sent to you.

    - And a third email confirming that your order has been transmitted to the carrier by way of tracked parcel. In this email you will find the tracking number and the link which will allow you to follow your parcel. You can also follow your parcel by clicking on "Order n°xxxx" in the "Order history" section which appears when you log on to your account.



Article 3: Payment

Our site is completely secured by the CIC for security reasons as well as quick shipment course we strongly suggest payment via credit card.


Payment via credit card:

Choose "CB", "VISA" or "MASTERCARD". You will be transferred to a space secured by the CIC. Please note that we do not have access to you bank information. For more information please click on "Secure payment». The CIC will then ask you for your "n° de carte" ("credit card number"), its expiration date "expire fin", the "n° de contrôle au dos de la carte» ("security number on the back of the card") and then you will be asked to «valider» ("confirm"). You will access a CICI acceptance page with the details of your transaction (which you can keep). Then click on the "Back to the boutique" button. Some browsers indicate that you are leaving a secured space; this has no impact on the confidentiality of your information previously exchanged. Due to an increasing number of fake credit card payments any transaction superior to 300 Euros will be guided towards another payment method: bank wire.

Payment via check: for metropolitan France only.



Payment via bank wire: only on demand.

The bank information appears in «payment information".

RIB : 10096 18527 00066814702 56

IBAN : FR7610096185270006681470256


Banking domiciliation : CIC Grenoble GAP (ENT) 11 boulevard Edouard Rey BP 57X 38041 Grenoble CEX FRANCE

You can use this to make you bank name this transaction with your order's number. This number is automatically sent to you by email when you click on the "confirm you order". The order will be validated as soon as the payment appears on our bank account.


Article 4: Returns


4.1 Retraction period:

According to the articles L.120-20 and following of the du "Code de la consommation", if the products are not suitable, for whichever reasons, the customer disposes of a seven day retraction period; counting from the day he has received the package, in order to get his money back. The package has to be returned by post in its original packaging, in perfect condition, unopened and with its invoice. The product will then be reimbursed (via credit on bank account, check or bank wire). Please note that return postage fees are to the customer's charge. Therefore only the product in itself will be reimbursed.


4.2 Delivery error:


4.2.1 Due to www.arret-sur-image.eu

The customer has to express any error and/or conformity of product (quality or nature) to IMACHE Company the same day or the next working day following delivery. Any complaint made after this delay will not be examined.

Complaints can be made to IMACHE Company:

- By telephone (recommended): + 33 (0)4. 76. 50. 76.81

Monday through Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4:40 pm
- or by email at: contact@arret-sur-image.eu  Please make sure to specify your order number and the details of your complaint.
Any complaint made outside of these rules and time delays will not be subject to examination and IMACHE Company won't be held responsible versus the customer.

Once IMACHE Company has received the complaint it will emit by email to the customer an exchange number for the concerned product(s). The product exchange can only take place once the customer has been given the exchange number as mentioned above. In the case of an exchange or a delivery error the product has to be returned to IMACHE Company in its whole and in its original packaging via tracked parcel system, to the following address:

10 ter Boulevard Gambetta

38000 Grenoble


Postage fees are to IMACHE company's charge except in the case that the returned product would prove not to be correspondent to the initial complaint made by the customer.


4.2.2 Due to the carrier:

Any errors due to the delivery (missing product with regard to the delivery slip, damaged package, damaged product...) have to be mentioned on the delivery slip by handwriting and with the customer's signature. The customer also has to communicate and confirm to the carrier the error within the two working days following the delivery by way of tracked letter. The customer needs to transmit a copy of said letter to our customer service:


Service Retours
10 ter boulevard Gambetta

38000 Grenoble


Article 5: Privacy policy


As a commercial site, the trader is in possession of information necessary to order handling. The trader treats this information with the greatest confidentiality. The automatically treatment of personal information has been declared to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés under the following number 1539222 v 0 on October 14th. In accordance with the "Informatique et Libertés" law of January 6 Th 2011 customer has the right to access as well as modify any personal information. You can do this by sending us a letter at the following address:

10 ter boulevard Gambetta

38000 Grenoble



Article 6: Identification


This website belongs to and is managed by:


10 ter boulevard Gambetta

38000 Grenoble

Sarl au capital de 20.000,00  €

rcs  794 298 125  Grenoble

Siret 794 298 125 00012